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Cash For Alloy Wheels

Turn Your Old
Alloy Wheels into Instant Cash

We pay cash for Scrap alloy wheels and also pay top prices depending on the conditions of your wheels. There are a lot of people who prefer to buy used or second-hand alloy wheels to save money. We act as a bridge between the sellers like you and old alloy wheel buyers and let both parties enjoy profits in the process. We are also among the leading wheel recyclers in Australia with an aim to recycle the scrap wheels so that they don’t end up in landfills. Contribute to keeping the environment safe and earn cash in return.


Do We Buy Any
Grade Wheels?

Yes! Irrespective of what grade do your alloy wheels score
on the grading scale, we buy them and you get the prices relevant to a specific
grade. Here is the grading system you can check to have an idea about what
price you may draw:

  • A+ to A-: A+ wheels are
    the factory-new wheels that have never been mounted. The A grade wheels are
    also brand new wheels that have been mounted. A- grade is allotted to the
    wheels that look good but have minor marks or scratches.
  • B+ to B-: The wheels
    with B+ grade look new but have scratches and flaws in the central area. Those
    with no scrapes and bright finish get B grade while those with small curb
    scrapes get B-.
  • C to J: The C grade
    wheels have poor looks with many scratches/scrapes/pits. Other grades include R
    for stripped, P for bad paint, F for bent and J for scrap alloy wheels.

How to Sell
Alloy Wheels with Convenience?

We have made the alloy wheel buying process extremely
simple to help you sell conveniently and get the money without any hassles.
Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Take clear pictures of the alloy wheels and mail them to us along with the necessary details like brand, model, year, size, etc. Alternatively, you can book an appointment with our team members who would visit your location for inspection.

Step 2: Depending on the condition of your alloy wheels, we suggest the best possible quotes. We ensure that you earn the best prices for your wheels.

Step 3: Once you accept the quote, we pay you via the
preferred mode. You may ship the wheels to our location or we can make
arrangements to pick them up.

Advantages Do We Offer?

  • The one-stop buyer for alloy wheels of different sizes and vehicles
  • We offer cash for alloy wheels so that you make the instant profit
  • Safe buying process through required paperwork to avoid inconveniences in the future
  • Free removals and same-day collections of the sold wheels
  • Environment-friendly recycling

Contact Us

We are just a call away at (03) 9706 4073 to start the process of buying your alloy wheels. You may also mail your wheels info at info@brightstarscrapmetal.com.au to get started.   

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