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Cash For Old Machinery

Trade-in Your Old Used Machinery for Exciting Cash

Cash for old machinery and dealing with us is an ideal way to free up the blocked capital and floor space. The machines that are no more in use are nothing more than a burden but you don’t wish to simply throw them away as scrap. We are of a strong view that many of the old machines might still hold some value and can be recycled to help someone looking for second-hand machines in the budget. In this process, you deserve to get cash for old machinery and gain some profit as you owned and took care of the machinery for years.

How Do We Offer Better Selling Options?

Rather than selling old machinery as scrap, are you looking for a buyer who can make use of the machine? One good idea is to put up ads for the machines online. However, that can be extremely time-consuming and you might end up getting less than the desired value. Clicking photos, creating listings, carrying out negotiations, and arranging transport for the machines’ delivery can be annoying. That’s why we offer the simplest way of selling old machinery in the most convenient way.

What Types of Machinery Do We Buy?

Every house, office, industrial unit, and service firm is a potential source of old and unused machines and equipment pieces. We buy machines from each of these sources in the categories like:

  • Household machines ranging from old coffee-makers and washers and dryers to dishwashers, refrigerators, air conditioners and more
  • Old office machines like computers, printers, fax machines, shredders, photocopiers and more
  • Farming machines like tractors, threshers, reapers, forklifts, and machines used for harvesting, seeding, grain processing, spraying, etc.
  • Food and beverage equipment consisting of machines like fryers, dairy equipment, mixers, bread makers and so on
  • Packaging and labeling machines that include food packaging machines, sealers, printers, filing systems, batching machines and more
  • Machines used in different industries like construction and manufacturing, engineering, metalworking, chemical industry and more

How to Sell Machines to Us?

The first step is to provide detailed information about the machine, including model, year, size or capacity, features, etc. We would visit your location for machine evaluation and offer the best market price that the machinery can fetch. Finally, you get the payment instantly and we take care of the logistics to remove the machine.

Why Choose Us as Old Machinery Buyer?

  • One of the biggest old machinery inventories in Australia
  • Easy and convenient selling through a fair and transparent process
  • Quick selling with no advertising, listing and negotiating
  • Get the best price that you may invest in any new purchase
  • Pick-up service to keep you free from the delivery logistics

Contact Us

If you have some questions or queries about selling your old machinery in Australia, feel free to talk to our experts at (03) 9706 4073. You may also send the pictures and descriptions of the machinery to info@brightstarscrapmetal.com.au and we would get back to you quickly.   

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