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Cash for Copper gets you a lot of money. While searching for scrap copper dealers in Australia, we buy copper, you have arrived at the right place as we pay cash for copper scrap in different forms and at attractive prices. With only a limited quantity of it available in nature, copper is one of the scarcely available metals that are difficult to mine. Moreover, the processes involved in mining and refining copper add undesirable amounts of greenhouses gases to the environment. This is the reason that recycled copper is in great demand and it selling scrap copper can fetch you some great profits.

How to Recognize Scrap Copper?

One of the changes that make copper recycling difficult than recycling ferrous metals and other non-ferrous metals like aluminum is that it is difficult to identify. Many people fail to recognize the presence of copper in their scrap and sell it at low prices simply out of ignorance. A common way to find it out in the scrap is to look for bright shiny gold-like material that could be copper. If you are still doubtful, don’t rely on just any scrap dealer who might cheat you. Give us a call and we would help you separate the expensive copper from the rest of the scrap.

We Buy Scrap Copper in All Forms

We pay good cash for scrap copper buyers in Australia, ready to buy the metal in different forms. Here are some examples:

What Services Do We Offer?

We buy copper from the household, commercial and industrial sites (including construction/demolition sites, engineering firms, and excavation sites). General contractors like electricians, plumbers, and auto mechanics may also sell copper to us. We serve our sellers both through scrap copper pick-ups and scrap bin supply.

Why Choose Us for Selling Copper?

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Not able to find a trustable copper scrap dealer near you? Get in touch at (03) 9706 4073 or today for fast, easy and convenient copper selling.  

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