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Cash For Brass and Bronze

We Specialize in Brass and Bronze Recycling

For paying cash for Brass and bronze, We are one of the best scrap dealers and recycling experts in Australia. Brass and bronze are the two popular alloys of copper with zinc and tin respectively. You can trade in brass and bronze scrap for some great prices with us. We help sellers identify the brass and bronze varieties they have and get the most competitive rates according to the latest market prices. Sell copper alloy scrap legally as we adhere to the rules and regulations regarding scrap recycling in the country.   

Varieties of Brass and Bronze We Buy

We pay cash for brass and bronze in all varieties. However, you must note that no two varieties may offer you the same price. This is because different varieties of these alloys have different metals mixed in different quantities. Some examples include:

We can help you identify the right variety of brass or bronze scrap you have and pay accordingly.

What Brass and Bronze Scrap Items Do We Buy?

We buy brass and bronze scrap from the general public, plumbers, electricians, industrial units and others. Some of the common items that we buy regularly include:

 How Are the Brass and Bronze Scrap Prices Decided?

The prices you may expect to get for the brass and bronze scrap depend on the grade, variety as well as condition of the scrap. In addition, the current national and international prices of copper and other constituting metals can also control the scrap prices. With us, you can keep an eye on the up-to-date prices and sell your scrap at the best prices.

Why Choose Us for Brass and Bronze Scrap?

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To get the best quotes and instant payments, call us now at (03) 9706 4073. If you have photos of the scrap you wish to sell, send them to We promise to respond back quickly.

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